About Shari

At the age of five my mother clearly explained about Jesus and His love for me. On that day I made THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION OF MY LIFE! I invited Jesus into my heart.

My greatest joy is to tell people about Jesus. I was once an extremely (and I mean extremely) shy person. I was fearful of people, places, trying new things; you name it… even into my thirties.

Through tragedy, God convinced me He would never leave me or forsake me. I discovered sometimes the things that hurt us the most can become a platform for God’s glory.

I thank God for planting people in my life that saw something in me I could not see in myself. With their encouragement, prayers, and invitations to share my story I can now say I love meeting people and telling how God can transform lives.

Why I say, “Honk-Honk!”

Sitting across the table from a friend at lunch she explained, “Geese fly in a ‘V’ formation because they get 71% more lift. If one goose goes down, other geese will go down with it and stay with it until it either dies or gets better. Geese honk at each other for encouragement.”

That simple little statement burned its way into my heart. I feel I have a calling to “HONK-HONK” words of encouragement so that encouragement will multiply in others and there will be holy “honking” going on all over this world.

My heart overflows with gratitude for the One who is the ultimate encourager, Jesus Christ. He has a plan for everyone. May each one of us discover His plans and fulfill His purpose. Honk-honk!!