Bible Dramas

Years ago, I attended a retreat where a lady enacted different characters like, Corrie ten Boom and Susanna Wesley. At the conclusion of the retreat she said, “I would like everyone to come tell me what God said to your heart this weekend.” I responded, “I believe in addition to doing comedy, God would have me bring His Word alive by portraying Bible characters.”

Twenty minutes later a lady approached me, “I don’t know if you are interested in this,” she said, “but years ago I used to do Bible characters. I am too old to do them anymore. I’m just wondering…would you like to have my costumes?”

Wow!!! Talk about a quick confirmation!

Two weeks later, my pastor called, (he did NOT know God put it on my heart to bring the Bible to life through dramatization). “Shari, I’m going to do a series on the book of Isaiah. Would you be willing to portray Isaiah to the congregation?”

You are too funny, God! …is what I thought! I envisioned myself doing women characters, and not men, but God with His sense of humor invited me to first portray Isaiah!

It is my prayer that the Bible portrayals will warm the hearts of the listeners as much as the comedy delights them.