Books and DVDs

The Airplane Story: A Blended Family’s Journey (Book) – $10.00 USD

The Airplane Story: A Blended Family’s Journey is a tool to bring about healing, communication, help and hope for blended families. When Shari remarried, her heart broke over the pain that her new (step) children, and her biological children, dealt with due to the loss of a parent through death and divorce. The contents of this illustrated children’s book are true. They are shared in order to encourage others in their blended family relationships! “Conversation Starters” at the end of the book can be used as a interactive guide to help blended families work though the difficulties, pains, hurt feelings and changes they may encounter as they begin their new journey.


Mary: Reflections of Jesus’ Birth (DVD) – $15.00 USD

(Younger Mary) A tender portrayal capturing some of Mary’s thoughts and emotions when her life drastically changed and she became the mother of Jesus, the Son of God!


Mary’s Joy – Her Son, Her Savior (DVD) – $15.00 USD

(Older Mary) Mary, the Mother of Jesus, passionately reflects on Jesus’ life, miracles, relationships, death, resurrection and Pentecost. An emotionally charged presentation ending with tremendous joy!


You Meet Some Strange Ladies at Women’s Retreats (DVD) – $15.00 USD

Featuring some of Shari’s original and unique comedy characters. This DVD was made for the pure joy of laughing because the Bible says, “A Cheerful heart is good medicine!” (Performed at the Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island, Michigan, Winsome Women Retreat 2009)


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