It’s almost difficult to find words to describe the incredible affect Shari Minke has on the lives she touches! Her innate ability to create an environment of laughter, tears, sharing, growing, friendship, joy….is unlike any thing I have ever experienced. You will find yourself laughing hysterically and then being amazed at the closeness you feel to our Mighty God! She is transparent when sharing how God has worked in her life and allows you to see she is a person who chooses to do everything for His glory. Shari has been the “jumper cables” that gave my spiritual life the surge it so desperately needed! She will leave a lasting impression on anyone she encounters overflowing with fellowship, compassion, humor, inspiration, and the Holy Spirit!

Melissa Smit – District Women’s Conference – Sacramento, CA – Church of the Nazarene

“Dear Shari, Thank you for sharing from your heart. Being transparent is not easy and leaves one very vulnerable, but thank you for taking the risk. Thank you for bringing laughter into our lives. What a gift you’ve been given and you do it in such good taste and so wonderfully! Then you had us crying along with you! Not out of sympathy but from identification. Thank you for sharing your story and for declaring that Christ always brings us to triumph and victory and gives peace and rest.

Glenda Beare – attendee at EFCA District Retreat, Missoula, Montana

“Shari becomes the character she is portraying. Her talent is immense. Her unique costumes are an event in themselves. From children sitting wide-eyed on the floor, to the adult in the pew, Shari Minke will delight and inspire you. Get ready to be surprised!”

Mary Lewis –  Musician, Speaker, Composer

“Shari Minke kicked our retreat into high gear with a crisp delivery of some hilarious characters. Her creative scripts had my ladies laughing for weeks. Shari’s humor is in great taste, allowing us to laugh at ourselves while leading us into precious teaching moments. If your women need to lighten up, I highly recommend Shari Minke’s ministry in comedy!”

Carla Marroquin – Director Northern Missouri Women’s Department – Assemblies of God

“God has gifted Shari with a delightfully creative imagination for developing her portrait personalities and unique sensitivity to the Holy Spirit as she shares. She will be a blessing wherever she goes!”

Carolyn Lunn – Speaker, Author, Teacher

“God’s presence was clearly evident in Shari as she shared in a very personal way how He has worked in her and through her. As she spoke, she created an atmosphere of intimacy. Her message was timely and inspiring. Because of Shari, our time together became a deeply spiritual experience. May God bless many others through her ministry.”

Barbara Houwer – President, Women’s Ministries Great, Lakes Conference Evangelical Covenant Church

“My life is richer because of having known Shari Minke. I served as Shari’s camp hostess at a Ladies Retreat in Northern Missouri and loved every minute of it. I found her to be a lady of much prayer and waiting on the Lord. Her portrayal of the various characters representing the challenges and dilemmas of today’s women was both entertaining and inspirational! We laughed and cried all in the same moment! What a way to preach a sermon that we will not quickly forget! I highly value Shari’s friendship which was kindled at the Ladies Retreat, and have scheduled her to speak at my Girls Retreat! I know the girls will love her and appreciate her sweet spirit as much as I have!”

Shirley M. Gondringer – Northern Missouri District GM Coordinator – Assembly of God

“When Shari spoke at our Ladies Retreat, the ladies were blown away. Many of the ladies said that Shari was the best speaker we have ever had. Shari’s ability to connect with her audience is amazing. Her use of comedy to make a serious point is remarkable. Shari’s love for the Lord is obvious and contagious! From the moment I spoke with Shari on the phone, I knew this retreat was going to be awesome! I am so glad the Lord allowed me to meet this wonderful lady.”

Dorothy Waldron – Director for the Nazarene South Carolina Women’s District Retreat

“Shari is such a versatile, talented, fun-loving Comedienne in using multi-characters. It’s a lighthearted joy to sit and enjoy her many faces. She’d be a delight for any event.”

Evelyn Smiley – Music Director for Winning Women of Florida, Pianist for Winsome Women, Michigan

“I am still basking in the glow of a wonderful evening. God is so very good! His grace allowed you to touch us beautifully. I heard so many good comments regarding the evening that I, too, know that the Lord was there ministering to us all. Thanks so much for saying yes to his call.”

Anita Beem – Event Coordinator

From the Audience:

“Dear Shari, I cannot express how wonderful it was to spend a weekend worshipping with you! Your joy is so contagious, your characters are so hilarious and your faith is so awesome!” – Florida EPC Women’s Retreat attendee

“I know we only met for a short time but you touched my heart and soul deeply.  I believe you were sent by God as a spiritual intervention…” ~  Gail, attendee at American Baptist Women’s Retreat, Wisconsin

“Thank you for sharing your life stories, struggles and victories. I was touched by your openness and honesty and the way you have allowed God to mold you and hold you.” – Southern Michigan Free Methodists Women’s Retreat attendee

“Dear Lady! I’ve never seen a more powerful outpouring of the Spirit than I did Friday night. Thank you for using your God given humor, experience, intelligence and discernment to entertain us and enthrall us. Your obedience has directly impacted countless women and God allowed it to lead dozens to the Lord that night. To God be the glory for all of this. You, dear lady, are highly favored.”~ Dee Ray New Hope Church East Tawas, Michigan

“Shari is a student of God’s Word allowing it to dwell in her heart, affecting the way she lives. God has gifted Shari to teach His Word in ways that are clear, compelling, and apply to the reality of our every day lives.” – Linda

“I appreciate the combination of humor and testimony from you. I can see you are obedient to Him.” – Retreat attendee