Introducing Shari Minke

Shari believes that God has a plan for each life! Her message points to the One who gives hope… Jesus!

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When we live according to God’s Word and listen, learn, obey and follow Jesus one choice and one moment at a time, therein lies the victory.


Through characters such as "Liza Little" and "Selma Kids," Shari uses laughter to teach the deeper truths of God.

Bible Dramas

These powerful bible presentations give new perspectives and warm the hearts of listeners.

Books and DVDs

Buy a copy of Shari's book or DVDs of her live performances.

The Word of God is central to Shari’s presentations, and she skillfully mixes laughter with the reality of tough times. She is a gifted servant of God. Shari creates unique characters that add a humorous and poignant touch to any event. I highly recommend this remarkable speaker to any group looking for a dynamic, entertaining communicator who offers hope, based on God’s truth.

Carol Kent - Author and Speaker